Natural Light to Increase Your Home Value

What Makes Natural Light Important in a Home

Natural light offers a lot of advantages to a home. It is one way to conserve energy and it infuses a lot of positive energy into a room. We can all agree that nothing compares to the warm and soothing feeling of sunshine across our faces right after a storm or cold winter.

Furthermore, natural light can be energizing to the body because it stimulates overall wellness and it naturally uplifts our spirits. Science has also proven that sunlight is highly beneficial to the health and reduces the risk of stress, anxiety, and depression.

More interestingly, the numerous advantages of increasing natural light into homes have not gone unnoticed especially among homebuyers who are particular about energy efficiency.

In fact, a lot of potential homebuyers are specifying “lots of natural light” or “access to sunlight” as some of the key features when choosing a new home.

And, they are actually willing to pay for it stating that it can help them conserve energy, it can bring in a lot of sunlight into their home, it is good for their indoor plants and it can make a room seem bigger and brighter. 

Ways to Infuse Natural Light into Your Home

  • Installation of Larger Windows

If you’re considering a more advanced home improvement project that encourages natural light, this is perhaps the perfect time to expand the openings and increase the amount of natural illumination into your home.

Advancements in window manufacturing include minimal framework which means more exposed glass. To create a nice effect, choose a nice spot that would serve as an excellent picture window with a nice view. 

  • Glass Blocks to Replace Blank Wall Space

The retro movement has definitely made a comeback with glass blocks that offer a contemporary concept to the home interior. New and modern designs offer unique textures and shades that can suitably match your home’s architectural concept.

They allow light to penetrate without compromising security, privacy, and energy efficiency. Use glass blocks in your home as a replacement for an exterior wall section to recreate a rather blank or dull wall space.

  • Lighter Window Treatments

To infuse more light into your home, take down those shades that cover your windows which also block the sunlight. Gone are the days and era of stained glass windows, dark window glass covers, and Roman shades.

It’s now time to let the daylight in and use alternative concepts such as sheer drapes and window blinds that allow you to control the amount of natural light that enters the room.

  • Use the Right Color Palette

Colors can either absorb or reflect light. Darker shades tend to absorb light thus making a dark room with windows appear dreary and dull in comparison to a room that’s painted white, beige, or cream.

Light colors act like a mirror that bounces light around the room. So if you want to bring in more natural light to your room, choose lighter shades on your walls and furnishings.