Home Locks to Increase Home Value

The Importance of Installing Durable and Quality Locks in Your Home

As many as 2 million burglaries are reported in the U.S. every year and 60% of the cases are associated with forceful entry to a home. In most incidents, the offenders destroy the locking system or apply brutal force to break the door.

Pin code lock

Other reported cases are associated with various modes of entry such as breaking the windows, use of backdoor, or accessing the garage entry.

The best way to avoid such unauthorized break-ins, damages, and inconveniences is by installing durable and high-quality locks in your home’s main entry, garage, and other access routes.

Safety and security are of utmost importance in every household. Aside from having the necessary protection you need, it also increases the value of your home.

Biometric lock for safety and security

There is a wide variety of locks and security systems that you can consider from conventional locks and deadbolts, keyless entries, and smart lock systems.

Whatever choice you may have in mind, your priority should be the safety of your entire home including the storage spaces for your valuables to create a far lesser risk of being victimized by burglars and intruders.

Durable and high-quality locks are also important factors that insurance companies take into consideration when assessing a home or property.

You can potentially get a good discount on your insurance policy because of your home’s security features. Therefore, if you want to gain an advantage on this aspect, it is best to go for such a wise upgrade.

Durable Locking Systems for Your Home: Our Top Recommendations

It is considered a top choice at Amazon and guarantees quality, durability, and security. It is resistant to usual break-in methods and also features a SmartKey tool for a new key.

BumpGuard and SmartKey security are what make this an ideal and best choice for homes and other spaces.

This model offers the best in high-end technology. It is quite extravagant yet makes an ideal choice for those who want sophistication and innovation. The fingerprint technology offers you the freedom to leave your house without having to carry a bulk of keys.

This model is ideal for storm doors and interior doors. It offers top-notch security and durability.

This model is considered the best option for a touch screen deadbolt. It can hold up to 30 user codes for individuals to access a home